Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FAQ - "Should I add to my carrier stash?"

Submitted by Brandi. Thanks Brandi! =-)

"If you were me and already had a pocket sling, a ring sling, a Baby K'tan, and a Moby (I know, I have a problem!) would you also get a mai tai or would you call it good? :) I don't see myself using one right now a lot because I love my wraps, but with my kids being so, well, big, would it be something I use a lot when they're heavier? Oh, and which brand do you recommend?"

I may be an enabler here, but I have to answer with a gigantic "YES!" Why, you may ask?

1. As your babies get bigger, I promise that you are going to love having a Mei Tai. They're very sturdy, which makes for comfortable back carries. And with a variety of ways to tie the straps, you can find the fit that suits you best.

2. Babies are only "wearable" for such a short time! Those first few years will fly by in the blink of an eye. Seize the day!!! Once they are big kids, you can sell the 84 carriers you have collected during those first few years and recoup some of your money. Cherish this time while they are teeny-tiny!

As far as a recommendation, Baby Hawk is a very popular brand. They have the cutest fabrics, and the quality is very consistent. And as long as I'm enabling... you have to check the design your own Baby Hawk page. For about the same price as the in-stock carriers, you can choose from dozens of fabrics and match it up with the strap color of your choice. This post has taken me over a half-hour because I can't stop designing custom carriers.


  1. It was so fun designing carriers! I can see that I will have to stay off that website!!

  2. !!!!! That is so cool! If I can come up with the $$$$ I may have to invest in one of those. It's really awesome that most carriers hold a lot of their retail value- there was one at the consignment sale for almost new price. Despite that I may just make one (I mean fix the one I already made so it actually fits.