Sunday, August 9, 2009

FAQ - Cloth and the Umbilical Stump

Submitted by Mama Kalila. Thanks, Mama!

"We're planning to start out w/ prefolds on our next baby... but a little unclear on how to do the belly button thing. Is there a type of diaper or cover or fold that works best for that or any other advice? Thanks!"

As far as a prefold during the umbilical stump phase, most folds can be modified to fit underneath the cord. You can use a jelly roll fold, and just fold it down a little in the back first to shorten the prefold, so it fits right under the belly button in the front. This is probably my favorite newborn fold because it really holds in that explosive newborn poop. But even the newspaper or bikini twist can be customized this way. So pretty much any fold you an find is fair game, you'll just need to fold down the prefold in the front or back a little to make the rise shorter.

As far as covers, Thirsties XS Diaper Covers are my very favorites. They are fairly roomy, so an XS will last a long time... no growing out of them after two weeks! LOL. They also have a little dip in the front that fits nicely under the umbilical area. Bummis Super Whisper Wraps are great for this reason, too, although they run a little smaller so my Ruby outgrew them pretty quickly.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Fake" Diapers

My husband officially luuuuuuuvs cloth diapers.

I bought a pack sposies for the meconium phase, but since Ruby was in the NICU, we never used them. They've been sitting on a shelf in the bathroom collecting dust.

Yesterday hubby was going to change the baby so I told him that I already put one of her Fuzzi Bunz out for him. He asked "Is it this one that's sitting on top of the fake diapers?"

I love that he now considers disposables "fake" diapers! This from a man who relentlessly teases me about all of my "hippie crap," as he calls it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FAQ - Method Baby Wash in Wipes Solution

Submitted by Valerie. Thanks! =-)

"I am cloth diaper user and we also use cloth wipes. Recently I started making my own wipe solution (previously had just used water) and I am really loving the solution. As I was putting the cloth diapers and wipes into the washer I had a thought. Am I supposed to wash them separately now that I have a solution on my wipes (Method Baby Wash with Grapeseed Oil). Will my solution hurt my diapers?"

A little grapeseed oil in solution won't hurt your diapers if washed together. I was reading up on the Method wash, though, and I saw a lot of reviews of mom's complaining that it wouldn't rinse off of their babies, but rather left an oily film. So I'm guessing it has something in it that could potentially coat your diapers. I would have to research into this a little more to give you a definitive answer, but my gut instinct would be to wash separately if you are using any type of natural soap. Natural soaps are a big no-no for washing diapers, so I think enough wipes coated in them could pose a problem in your wash.