Monday, February 16, 2009

Submit a FAQ!

Do you have a burning question about cloth diapers or baby carriers you'd like me to answer? Submitting a question is easy!

1. Post your question as a comment to any previous post

2. Email your question to

I'll post your question (and my response) ASAP!

What are my credentials, you may ask?

* I have cloth diapered 2 children, and soon I'll be diapering my third!

* I have experienced "converting", as I switched to cloth when my oldest son was 16 months old. Until that point I had never even seen a cloth diaper. So, yeah, I've been on both ends of the spectrum in that sense!

* I cloth diapered my second son from the start, so I am familiar with diapering a newborn, as well.

* Because of my time as a cloth diaper retailer, I have literally tried every major brand and style of diaper out there. I've also tried many smaller-scale WAHM-made brands.

* I have worn both of my children in just about every carrier imaginable... from the mainstream Snugli, to the Maya Wrap, woven wraps, the ERGO... and everything in between.

* I have basically lived and breathed cloth diapers and baby carriers for the last 2 years, during which time I was a retailer.

So whether you're an expectant first time mom weighing your options, or a seasoned pro with a specific wondering, email me your question and I'd be happy to weigh in!


  1. Hello! I was a customer of Keen Bambino and I am very glad that you decided to start this blog. Anyway, I used prefolds with my 3rd child. My older 2 were potty trained, so no need to start them, too. We will be trying for a 4th baby sometime late spring/early summer, and I really want to cloth diaper again. The problem has to do with why I stopped cloth diapering. When I bought cloth diapers, I had a top loading old washing machine. After about 4-5 months of cloth diapering, I had to get a new washer and dryer because mine died. I bought an HE front loading set. Soon after using the new set, my son started getting horrible rashes. I know that my machine was just not getting them as clean as he needed them. I think it is because of how little water my machine used. I just used baking soda, vinegar, and a squirt of dawn. I ended up going back to regular diapers because I was so frustrated with those diaper rashes. After that long explanation... what is the best way to get diapers clean in an HE machine? I have an LG model, if that makes any difference! I have friends with different models and they never had a problem.

  2. I also have a question for you- what made you make the change? Just curious, really- I try to think back about myself and why I changed- I know exactly when and why, but I was trying to remember what I knew about cloth diapering before that and I can't remember- I know I had been into Kissui, but I can't even remember if I looked at the diapers or not! Anyway, just thought it woulld be interesting to hear what made you change to cloth, like was there a turning point? Oh, and when did you decide to start selling them online? Thanks!