Monday, February 16, 2009

FREE WAHM Opportunities

Okay, before I get started with the super fun blogging part (reviews, FAQs, random ramblings), I want to get the basics of Cloth and Carriers 101 out of the way! Let’s start with FREE WAHM opportunities.

I’ve lived the WAHM life and I know how very valuable every potential customer is. So I am thrilled to be able to offer free WAHM advertising opportunities. If you are a business owner involved with cloth diapers and/or baby carriers, and you’re interested in any of the following free opportunities, just email me at!

SALES AND COUPON CODES: If you’d like to announce a sale or coupon code, do it here for free! Email me the details:

- Coupon Code (if necessary for discount)

- Discount Amount or Sale Description

- Valid Dates

- Your URL

- A Graphic (if you’d like one to be used)

- Any other info you’d like included

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Want to announce your store’s grand opening? How about your new gift registry feature? If your business has something big happening, I’d be happy to post it here for free. Just email me at with the details, your URL, and a graphic if you’d like one to be used.

CONTESTS: Donate a gift certificate or tangible prize of any amount large or small, and Cloth and Carriers 101 will run a contest for your item! I’ll promote your item and store for the duration of the contest, offer you 1 month of free top left 125x125 banner space, and put your link permanently on the “Previous Sponsors” page.

Get creative! I’m writing this post at 5 months pregnant, so my brain’s not exactly working at top speed these days. If you can come up with another creative way to promote your store, email me to run it by me! In today’s crappy economic times, it would be my pleasure to be able to help WAHMs to succeed. =-)

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