Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FAQ - "What is the best carrier for plus size mommas ?"

"What is the best carrier for plus size mommas ?"

Also submitted by Jenn! Thanks again! =-)

I am just barely on the lower border of plus-size as far as clothing stores are concerned (size 12 on a good day), but I do have some pretty hefty DD knockers for my 5'4" self, so I'm definitely not a stick figure either. I do, however, know what my plus-sized baby-wearing customers raved about, so I can provide a list of some of my top-sellers for plus-sized Mamas:

Sleepy Wrap Baby Wrap Carrier (Wrap Carrier):
If you're looking for a wrap-style carrier, this would be the way to go, in my opinion. The material on the Sleepy Wrap is just slightly more stretchy than on other brands I have tried, which means you can get a great fit no matter what your size. Don't let the word "stretchy" scare you, though. It truly is just slightly stretchy... definitely not ridiculously stretchy where the material loses shape and the baby is hanging down to your knees after 5 minutes.

New Native Baby Carrier (Pouch):
I love pouches because they are so simple, yet so versatile. You can wear your baby in so many different positions and there are never any buckles or belts to adjust. And they fold up incredibly small, which makes them so easy to bring along. I would suggest that plus-sized Mamas who are looking for a pouch should check out the New Native Carrier. The company's standard lineup goes up to XL, and they will happily custom make slings from 2XL to 5XL. It's a very easy carrier to size yourself for (just measure your chest above your bust), and there is detailed sizing info available on the manufacturer's website. if you're still not sure about size, the manufacturer even provides a toll-free number that you can call for guidance.

ERGObaby Carrier (Soft Structured Carrier):
The ERGO is probably my very favorite carrier overall. My younger son is a hefty guy, so it wasn't long before he was just too heavy to be carried comfortably for long periods of time. The ERGO has been AMAZING! At 30+ lbs, he would pass out on my back while we were out walking and I could carry him for hours if that's how long he decided to sleep. I have tried a lot of soft structured carriers, and the ERGO is hands-down the most comfortable. That's one major reason why it gets my recommendation for plus-sized Mamas. Another reason is that the carrier's waist straps fit up to a 43" waist, and you can also add an extender which brings the waist to 51".

If you are a baby-wearing plus-sized Mama, I'd love to have your input! Which carriers have you fallen in love with?

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