Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FAQ - "What is your fave OS Pocket ? Sized pocket? "

SQUEAL! My very first FAQ submission!

This FAQ was submitted by Jenn. Thanks Jenn!

"What is your fave OS Pocket ? Sized pocket?"

I was asked these questions all the time as a retailer. Since I took it upon myself to try everything I could get my hands on, I can give an honest opinion about both.

Mandi's Favorite One-Size Pocket:

The winner is the bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper.

I *love* this diaper. I've been using them since they came out (I used the 2.0's long before that), and they just have such a nice, trim fit. I'm generally not a huge fan of hook & loop closures, but the laundry tabs on my bG's keep the Aplix closed during the wash much better than any other hook & loop diaper I've tried. Mine are used in heavy rotation (no diaper is used "gently" around here!) and they've held up very well. I love that they come with a newborn insert in addition to the one-size insert. That means that even on a newborn there is a nice, trim fit.

I have quite the variety of diapers in my stash, but I always reach for my bG's in regards to a one-size diaper. They're just an all-around great diaper, very well-made, and relatively competitive in price.

Mandi's Favorite Sized Pocket:

The winner is Fuzzi Bunz.

These diapers have lasted over TWO YEARS of daily use, and still have life in them. Every baby is shaped differently, so preferences will vary on that front, but for my kids FB's are simply the best fit. They are super-adjustable in the thigh area, which has been really nice. My oldest was very skinny, and my youngest had thighs like the Michelin Man. Fuzzi Bunz fit them both perfectly. There is a great selection of colors, and I love that the prints are made of the same material as the solids.

You can see in the picture at right how trim Fuzzi Bunz are. This particular diaper was being worn during sprinkler time, and it even had the insert in it. That diaper was soaked, and look how trim it is!

A close second for my favorite sized pockets would be Knickernappies Disposanots. They are also fairly trim-fitting, and come in an equally adorable array of colors. The quality and durability of KNDs are top-notch, as well. The only reason they are my second favorite is that the sizes are a little smaller than the Fuzzi Bunz, and my little linebacker outgrew each size more quickly than he did in the Fuzzi Bunz. For my chub-a-lub I prefer the more generous sizing of Fuzzi Bunz... but if you have petite babies, I would actually recommend Knickernappies.

These are my preferences based on trying one of everything ever made (just about!). But every baby is different. My first and foremost recommendation to anyone starting out is do not invest in dozens of any one particular diaper until you have tried it out first!


  1. You had no problems with your laundry tabs on your BG? The four that I have for Izzy and all of Ollie's smalls, the laundry tabs completely wore out and don't work at ALL anymore. Do you think this could be something I did, like how I washed them? His mediums are okay so far, can I keep them from doing that- it is SUCH a pain in the wash:) I mean, I know they're not the same as the OS, but the laundry tabs should be the same, right?

  2. It's probably lint! Have you ever used one of those lint remover kits where you clean out every nook and cranny of your drier? You can also use a safety pin to remove lint from the tabs to see if that helps. Just run the safety pin along the Aplix (hook side and loop side) and you'll be amazed at how much fuzz is being stored in there.

  3. You can also try to get the lint out with tweezers :)

  4. I haven't tried Fuzzi Bunz, but I love the other two too.. Although my laundry tabs on the BG's don't stick anymore either... I'm def gonna try the safety pin tip tomorrow.