Friday, February 20, 2009

How did I get into cloth diapers, and why did I start selling them?

Submitted by Brandi. Thank you! =-)

"I also have a question for you- what made you make the change? Just curious, really- I try to think back about myself and why I changed- I know exactly when and why, but I was trying to remember what I knew about cloth diapering before that and I can't remember- I know I had been into Kissui, but I can't even remember if I looked at the diapers or not! Anyway, just thought it would be interesting to hear what made you change to cloth, like was there a turning point? Oh, and when did you decide to start selling them online? Thanks!"

I switched when my oldest was 16 months old, and I was about 6 months pregnant with my second. Before then, I had never seen a cloth diaper.

When Brandon, my first was born, it never even occurred to me that cloth diapers still existed. I didn't know anyone who used cloth diapers. Everyone I knew gifted me with pack after pack of disposables. No one had ever mentioned cloth diapers as an option, so it just never even struck me as a possibility.

When Brandon was about 5 months old, I went to a La Leche League meeting to get to know some other breastfeeding mamas. At the time, I was the only breastfeeding mom I knew. My family had all breastfed their children, so I had that support, but I really wanted to also get support from ladies closer to my age with babies. So anywhoo, at the LLL meeting, one of the moms mentioned that she used cloth diapers, but that was about the extent of it. I was kind of surprised that anyone still used cloth diapers, and I remember wondering why someone would do that on purpose. I was picturing flats and safety pins, dunking and swishing, stink and stains. I still hadn't seen a cloth diaper at that point, so I was still very misinformed.

When Brandon was 16 months old, and we were expecting baby #2, I was hanging out on my birth board just killing time. When you have only one baby, you still occasionally have time to kill. That doesn't happen anymore... There was a thread on my birth board about Fuzzi Bunz. I clicked the link and fell in LOVE!

I would love to say that there was something more noble to the story, but that would be a lie. I started out on cloth for a relatively shallow reason... THEY WERE WAY TOO CUTE! I wanted my Brandon's butt to be in these adorable, vibrant, colorful cloth diapers - not the ugly disposable diapers he was currently napping in.

So while I switched for a superficial reason, the point is that I switched. I jumped right into cloth diapering and have never gone back. And once I actually began cloth diapering, I learned about the ecological and health benefits of cloth diapers, and became very passionate about cloth being the superior choice in every way. This has led me to a more eco-conscious mindset in many other ways as well, so the cute factor can be a gateway in that sense.

As far as selling diapers, I didn't actually set out to sell diapers. When my second son, Seth, was about 6 weeks old, he had to have tests that required us to be at the hospital for a series of x-rays spanning 6 hours. I was wearing him in my Maya Wrap, pacing the halls for the hour in between each x-ray. During that time I had literally dozens of people ask me about my sling and how they could buy one. By about the 10th person I made a mental note that I should look into the legal requirements for obtaining a wholesale account and re-selling Maya Wraps. I intended to keep a few in my truck to have on hand when people asked where they could buy one.

So I did just that. But legally retailing anything in the state of CA is a gigantic PITA, so I figured if I was going to go to all of this trouble (permits, licenses, etc.), I had better sell more than just Maya Wraps. I was well into my obsession with cloth diapers by then, so I began checking into wholesale accounts for cloth diapers as well. And it just kind of snowballed from there. I initially had no intention of doing business on a large scale, but it just kind of happened.

So I guess I just sort of fell into cloth diapers in the first place, and then kind of tumbled right into selling them!


  1. Awww... I had heard of them lol... but refused to use them. My husband was cd'd and he was all for it, but I pictured the exact same thing you did. A couple of people gave me some cheap prefolds at my diaper shower and jokingly told me I didn't have to use them for that. I got home and showed Jas and he said we could use them at home. I smiled, nodded and thought no way! When she was 5 months old I heard something about a diaper sprayer on cafemom... started checking things out and realized we could save money, something I was convinced it wouldn't really do before(and that some really were cute). We switched and like you I'm not going back lol. I can't wait to cd our next from the start...

  2. I am so behind... I am just now reading this. I'm so glad you're answering me:) That's a great story! And see, that's yet another plus behind the super cuteness of cloth these days- to attract even more mommas! I know what you mean with the Moby, though- everywhere I go I get tons of comments... mostly positve! Thanks again for answering my question. I was CD'd, as was my hubs, but I still pictured the same thing as you because I had been there and helped my mom- I actually remembered the dunking and swishing and pins and plastic pants. Ew. And yet here I am!